Our Team

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Prof. Hakan Usta

Professor of Materials Science and Chemistry

Call: +90 (352) 2248800

Email: hakan.usta@agu.edu.tr

İbrahim Deneme

Ph.D. Candidate
M.Sc. Alumni

Email: ibrahim.deneme@agu.edu.tr

Dr. T. Ayça Yıldız

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: tevhideayca.uchoyuk@agu.edu.tr

Dr. Nilgün Kayacı

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: nilgun.kayaci@agu.edu.tr

Dr. Zehra Gözütok Önses

Postdoctoral Researcher

Call: +90 (352) 2248800

Email: zehra.gozutokonses@agu.edu.tr

    Aleyna Özbaşaran

    M.Sc. Student (co-advised with Prof. M. Serdar Önses)

    Call: +90 (352) 2248800

      Zeynep Yüksel

      Undergraduate Researcher (TOBB ETU-Senior Year)

      Call: +90 (352) 224 88 00

      Dr. Ayşe Can

      M.Sc. and Ph.D. Alumni

      Call: +90 (352) 224 88 00

      Email: ayse.can@agu.edu.tr

      Ahmet Şahin

      Research Assistant (Tubitak) Alumni

      Call: +90 (352) 224 88 00

      Email: mehmet.sahin@agu.edu.tr

        Dr. Resul Özdemir

        M.Sc. and Ph.D. Alumni

        Email: resul.ozdemir@ugent.be

        Dr. Mehmet Özdemir

        Ph.D. Alumni

        Email: ozdemir.mehmet@msn.com

        Dr. Dilek Alımlı

        Ph.D. Alumni

        Call: +90 (0262) 675 26 81

        Email: dilek.alimli@tubitak.gov.tr

        Dr. Hüsniye Ardıç Alidağı

        Postdoctoral Researcher Alumni

        Call: +90 (262) 605 30 57

        Email: hardic@gtu.edu.tr

        Dr. Ufuk Erkılıç

        Research Assistant (Tubitak) Alumni

        Büşra Nur Gökçe

        Research Assistant (Tubitak) Alumni

          Our team's passion for science lies in the design and synthesis of novel organic materials

          We are particularly interested in p-/n-/ambipolar semiconductors, low band gap donor-acceptor polymers, low-LUMO π-systems, hot-exciton fluorescent molecules, green-solvents soluble high-performance semiconductors, semiconductors with scalable synthesis, and thermally responsive molecules. The nano-/micro-structures formed by these organic materials in thin-films lead to organic surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (o-SERS), thin-film transistors (OTFTs), photovoltaics (OPVs), light-emitting diodes/transistors (OLEDs and OLETs), and multiplex encoded surfaces (physically unclonable functions-PUFs)

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