Our Team

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Prof. Hakan Usta

Professor of Materials Science and Chemistry

Call: +90 (352) 2248800

Email: hakan.usta@agu.edu.tr

İbrahim Deneme

Ph.D. Candidate / M.Sc. Alumni

Call: +90 (352) 224 88 00

Email: ibrahim.deneme@agu.edu.tr

Ayşe Can

Ph.D. Canditate

Call: +90 (352) 224 88 00

Email: ayse.can@agu.edu.tr

Ahmet Şahin

M.Sc. Student

Call: +90 (352) 224 88 00

Email: mehmet.sahin@agu.edu.tr

    Dr. Resul Özdemir

    M.Sc. and Ph.D. Alumni

    Email: resul.ozdemir@ugent.be

    Dr. Ufuk Erkılıç

    Research Assistant (Tubitak) Alumni

    Büşra Nur Gökçe

    Research Assistant (Tubitak) Alumni

      Dr. Mehmet Özdemir

      Ph.D. Alumni

      Email: ozdemir.mehmet@msn.com

      Dr. Dilek Alımlı

      Ph.D. Alumni

      Call: +90 (0262) 675 26 81

      Email: dilek.alimli@tubitak.gov.tr

      Dr. Hüsniye Ardıç Alidağı

      Postdoctoral Researcher Alumni

      Call: +90 (262) 605 30 57

      Email: hardic@gtu.edu.tr

      Our team loves designing and synthesizing novel organic materials

      We are particularly interested in p-/n-/ambipolar semiconductors, low band gap donor-acceptor polymers, low-LUMO π-systems, hot-exciton fluorescent molecules, green-solvents soluble high-performance semiconductors, semiconductors with scalable synthesis, and thermally responsive molecules. The nano-/micro-structures formed by these organic materials in thin-films lead to organic surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (o-SERS), thin-film transistors (OTFTs), photovoltaics (OPVs), light-emitting diodes/transistors (OLEDs and OLETs), and multiplex encoded surfaces (physically unclonable functions-PUFs)

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